One of the most significant government and automotive industry partnerships, DADSS, is a ten- year cooperative research agreement (CRA) between the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) and the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (ACTS). The goal is to develop non-invasive, in-vehicle alcohol detection technologies that will quickly, accurately, and reliably measure a driver’s blood alcohol concentration to prevent alcohol-impaired driving.

KEA was selected by NHTSA/ACTS as the program and technical manager of the CRA to support the technology providers in their development effort, provide technical guidance and objectively evaluate all technologies. 

For additional information on the program please of to the DADSS Website

DADSS - Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety

GCCI - Grade Crossing Collision Training Course For Safety

The primary goal of this program is to bring a clear understanding to law enforcement officers of the challenges associated with investigating highway-rail grade crossing collisions. It is also intended to provide them with unique information needed to complete a thorough investigation. The program supplements their investigative skills with the railroad related information required to help perform their duties accurately and efficiently. As trained law enforcement officers, they possess the necessary skills to investigate roadway crashes. This course provides additional training related to highway-rail grade crossing collisions and trespasser incidents.

Grade Crossing Data Analysis

The focus of this research study is on why motorists and commercial vehicle operators would take significant risks (motivation, expectations and perceptions) during grade crossing events, and also on changes to grade crossing and train systems design to enhance safety.The objective of the project is to produce meaningful statistics to encourage a data driven approach by the FRA for reducing grade crossing accidents with the ultimate goal of reducing grade crossing accidents. 

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